>> Trainee Skilled Construction Laborer
Trainee Skilled Construction Laborer
Title:Trainee Skilled Construction Laborer
Location :State College (PA)
Job Summary:
Per PENNDOT OJT Manual - Skilled Highway Construction Laborer (90.13)
Develop all skills required to perform as a member of the labor crew under the direct supervision of the Laborer Foreman. Works with labor crew and Laborer Foreman in the reading of roadway plans and drawings; use and care of hand and power tools; tasks and installation of Erosion and Sediment Control measures; tasks involving the Maintenance and Protection of Traffic; tasks in the receiving and unloading of concrete pipe; tasks necessary for asphalt patching and compacting; labor tasks for road grading. Performs other related duties as directed by the Foreman.  

Skills to be learned with the supervision of the supervising foreman:   
* Receive instruction on plan reading and standard drawings.
* Receive instruction, observe and assist the foreman and labor crew as outlined in job description.
* Review general understanding and use of all hand and power tools to be used on this project.
* Review procedures for the maintenance and protection of traffic.
* Receive instruction, demonstration, and care of all equipment.
* Review methods of erosion and sediment control measures.
* Review material delivery procedures.
* Review asphalt patching and compacting procedures.
* Review labor tasks for road grading.
* Receive additional instruction from foreman.

Hiring Considerations: The following guidelines are set forth to insure the safety and well being of a trainee and fellow worker.

* Minimum of 18 years of age.
* The applicant should demonstrate evidence of a reasonable amount of intelligence to handle the technical elements of the job.
* The applicant should show evidence of a reasonable amount of aptitude and interest in the craft.
* The applicant shall have a valid license (i.e., equipment operator, truck driver or highway).
* No applicant shall be accepted as a trainee in any classification in which they have successfully completed a training program leading toward journeyperson status, or in which such person has been gainfully employed as a journeyman by virtue of informal on-the-job training.
* If an individual or apprentice was enrolled as a ‘trainee’ and has quit three (3) times, they will no longer be eligible to participate in the program.  This determination can be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Physical Requirements:
* Must be in good health or be able to pass a pre-job physical, should one be required.

Special Provisions (TSPs) #1999-9999
DESCRIPTION - As part of the project equal employment opportunity affirmative action program, provide on-the-job training aimed at developing candidates toward full journeymen in the type of trade or job classification.

Construction – subparagraph,c.
* Training and upgrading of minorities and women toward journeyman status is a primary objective of this special provision.
* Documentation of ethnic claim may be necessary to ensure eligibility for PENNDOT OJT Program.    
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