>> Piledriver
Location:State College (PA)
Job Summary: 
Perform all aspects of set up of piling equipment, prefabricating components of piling and shoring systems, and installation and removal of piling and shoring systems. This hourly, non-exempt position will work with direct and indirect supervision.

Essential Functions:  
* Unload and shake out materials.
* Assemble and erect piledriving equipment.
* Operate leads and hammers for bearing pile installation.
* Operate vibratory hammers for sheeting and shoring operations.
* Fabricate bracing and jigs for pile installations.
* Exercise proper care and maintenance of company equipment.
* Travel and arrive for starting time to various jobsite locations.
* Frequently work more than 40 hours per week and non-traditional hours including night shift, Saturdays and occasionally Sundays.

Knowledge of:
* Blueprint reading for bridge piling layout.
* Use and safe operation of hand and power tools used to drive and brace piles.
* Materials used to install piling and sheeting systems.
* Assembly and bracing of cofferdams and shoring systems.
* Safety associated with piling and sheeting operations.
* Sealing and pumping of cofferdams.
* Safety associated with cranes and rigging equipment.

Ability to:
* Learn and follow GOH Company policies and procedures.

* Prefer valid driver’s license for the state in which you reside with acceptable driving record per company minimum standards for drivers.
* Must successfully complete PennDOT Flagger Training Course.
*Must have own tools.

* High school diploma or equivalent preferred.

* Minimum of 3 years experience performing piledriving work in field operations is preferred.
* Bridge structures experience is preferred.

Physical Requirements:
* Ability to lift 50 pounds consistently.
* Ability to bend, sit, stoop, and stand for long periods of time in the outdoor weather.
* Ability to be exposed to concrete dust, curing compound, and form oil on a daily basis.
* Ability to work in field environments with exposure to dust, inclement weather conditions, extreme heat, noise, vibrations and a variety of petroleum products.
* Ability to work in adverse weather conditions.
* Ability to walk and work on uneven terrain.
* Ability to climb stairs and ladders.
* Ability to work comfortably and safely at heights on all types of structures.
* Ability to wear required personal protective equipment.

Tools Required:
*Framing Square
*Tri-square or Speed Square
*25' Tape
*10" Plier/Wire Cutters
*16 ounce Claw Hammer
*Small Nail Pulling Bar
*12" Adjustable Wrench
These tools are expected to be brought to work daily and kept in good working condition.
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