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Equipment Operator -Aggregate Experienced Pleasant Gap (PA)
Equipment Operator -Aggregate Experienced Barkeyville (PA)
Equipment Operator -Gravel Pit/DraglineBrokenstraw (PA)
Assistant Shop SuperintendentMontoursville (PA)
Carpenter - BridgeState College (PA)
Customer Service ClerkPleasant Gap (PA)
Density TechnicianDuBois (PA)
Driver - Flatbed/Sweep TruckState College (PA)
Driver - Low Bed 1Naginey /Milroy
Driver - Low Bed 1Pleasant Gap (PA)
Driver - Low Bed 1Grove City (PA)
Driver - Low Bed 1DuBois (PA)
Driver - Service TruckTurtlepoint (PA)
Driver - Tri-Axle - ExperiencedMontoursville (PA)
Driver - Tri-Axle - ExperiencedPleasant Gap (PA)
Driver - Tri-Axle - ExperiencedNaginey /Milroy
Driver - Tri-Axle - ExperiencedDuBois (PA)
Driver - Tri-Axle - ExperiencedGrove City (PA)
Equipment Operator -Aggregate ExperiencedHagerman's/South Williamsport (PA)
Equipment Operator Agg Night- Experienced Pleasant Gap (PA)
Equipment Service and Parts AdministratorDuBois (PA)
Equipment Services and Applications Specialist Montoursville (PA)
Experienced Equipment OperatorMontoursville (PA)
Experienced Equipment OperatorState College (PA)
Experienced Equipment OperatorDuBois (PA)
Finisher/CarpenterState College (PA)
Foreman 1 - PennDOTGrove City (PA)
Laborer - PavingGrove City (PA)
Laborer - PennDOTGrove City (PA)
Laborer - Site DevelopmentMontoursville (PA)
Laborer- BridgeState College (PA)
Laborer-GroundBarkeyville (PA)
Mechanic Entry 3 - 2nd Shift Pleasant Gap (PA)
Mechanic Entry 3 - 2nd ShiftDuBois (PA)
Mechanic Field 2 - Day ShiftDuBois (PA)
Mechanic Shop 2-2nd Shift Pleasant Gap (PA)
Mechanic Shop 2-2nd ShiftDuBois (PA)
Mechanic Shop 2-2nd Shift Grove City (PA)
Mechanic Shop 2-2nd Shift Montoursville (PA)
Operator - Distributor Truck Turtlepoint (PA)
Operator - Paving RollerMontoursville (PA)
Operator - ScreedGrove City (PA)
Operator - ScreedMontoursville (PA)
Operator - Shuttle BuggyGrove City (PA)
Operator - Shuttle BuggyDuBois (PA)
Operator-LoaderGrove City (PA)
Paint Shop TechnicianState College (PA)
Plant LoadoutMontoursville (PA)
Plant LoadoutGrove City (PA)
Plant Operator 1Brokenstraw (PA)
Plant Operator-Experienced Hagerman's/South Williamsport (PA)
Plant Operator-Experienced Night Shift Pleasant Gap (PA)
PM Tech- Day Shift Pleasant Gap (PA)
Project ManagerTurtlepoint (PA)
Project ManagerGrove City (PA)
Quality Control/ Ag TechPleasant Gap (PA)
Shop Leader - 2nd ShiftDuBois (PA)
Shop Leader - 2nd Shift Pleasant Gap (PA)
Shop Leader -2nd Shift Grove City (PA)
Survey Crew Leader Grove City (PA)
Trainee Skilled Bridge LaborerHazleton (PA)
Trainee Skilled Construction LaborerGrove City (PA)
Trainee Traffic Control AssistantMontoursville (PA)
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