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Mill Operator
Title:Mill Operator
Location :State College (PA)
Job Summary:  
Safely operate miller while communicating with crew personnel.  This hourly, non-exempt position will work with direct and indirect supervision.

Essential Functions:
* Perform machine walk around inspection daily, checking fluid levels, hoses, tires, tracks, chains, sprockets and wear components to verify machine is capable of performing safely and productively.
* Report equipment deficiencies to Foreman via squawk sheet.
* Perform pre-shift component check to verify all systems are functioning properly.
* Set machine to proper grade and cross slope of roadway.
* Safely and efficiently operate the miller in coordination with crew personnel to ensure proper material flow, paying special attention to obstacles and site conditions. 
* Perform end-of-day maintenance, cleanup and walk around inspection to ensure that the mechanical and physical condition of the unit meets manufacturer’s requirements.
* Constantly be aware of the potential hazards present when working around construction equipment and the motoring public.
* Assist Foreman with layout of job.
* Set up and tear down traffic control devices as needed.
* Perform laboring assignments on crew when Miller Operator duties are complete or not required.
* Exercise proper care and maintenance of company equipment.
* Frequently work more than 40 hours per week and non-traditional hours including night shift, Saturdays and occasionally Sundays.
* Travel and arrive for starting time to various jobsite locations.
* Perform additional assignments per supervisor’s direction.

Knowledge of:
* Miller controls, gauges and functions. 
* Communication hand signals.
* Topcon grade and slope control system.
* Material feed system on miller.
* Road cross slopes.

Ability to:
* Learn and follow GOH Company policies and procedures.
* Perform basic math calculations.

* Must have a valid driver’s license for the state in which you reside with acceptable record per company minimum standards for drivers.
* Must have a valid Class B CDL with tanker endorsement.
* Prefer a valid Class A CDL with tanker endorsement.
* Must successfully complete PennDOT Flagger Training Course.

* High school diploma or equivalent preferred.

* Prefer at least 3 years of experience operating milling or heavy equipment.
* Previous welding and mechanical experience preferred. 

Required Training:
* PADOT Flagger Training
* Biannual Paving Training
* Behavior Based Safety Tool Box Talk

Physical Requirements:
* Ability to lift up to 50 pounds consistently.
* Ability to sit for extended periods of time.
* Ability to work in field environment with exposure to dust, inclement weather conditions, extreme heat, noise and vibrations.
* Ability to physically climb on and off equipment safely.
* Ability to wear required personal protective equipment.
* Ability to walk and work on uneven terrain.
* Ability to obtain and maintain a current Medical Examiner's Certificate as stated in 49 CFR 391.43(h).

This is a safety-sensitive position.
This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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