>> Operator - Distributor Truck
Operator - Distributor Truck
Title:Operator - Distributor Truck
Location :Turtlepoint (PA)
Job Summary:
Safely operate the unit placing a uniform application of tack coat or emulsion oils at the prescribed yield (gallons per square yard) utilizing spray bar or hand wand as directed by the Foreman.  Perform 100 foot test pattern to verify application rate.  Perform manual labor to assist paving/chipping operations as needed.  This hourly, non-exempt position will work with direct and indirect supervision.

Essential Functions: 
* Perform machine walk-around inspection daily checking fluid levels, hoses, valves, tires, spray bar, tank, burners, placards, exhaust chimney and wear components to verify machine is capable of performing safely and productively.
* Report any deficiencies to Foreman via squawk sheets.
* Perform pre-shift and post-shift component check to verify all systems are functioning properly.
* Perform daily inventory check on product used, providing slip on gallons shot and available inventory left to the Foreman. 
* Verify L.P. gas used/available to ensure adequate levels to heat product.
* Perform post-shift clean-up removing product out of spray bar and hand wand. 
* At the direction of the Foreman, operate unit per manufacturer’s recommendation paying special attention to the traveling public, construction workers and other equipment or obstacles that may be in alignment with unit, this is especially critical when applying material in reverse.
* Safely operate equipment in and among live traffic.
* Perform end-of-shift reviews of all tanks containing oils, fuels, and water to verify valves are shut off and locked and there are no leaks.
* Stage vehicle in bright, illuminated or occupied location to prevent vandalism or theft and away from creeks, streams or storm sewer to minimize environmental damage if a leak or spill would occur.
* Adhere to and enforce paving safety rules.
* Perform laboring assignments on crew when distributor truck duties are complete or not required.
* Exercise proper care and maintenance of company equipment.
* Frequently work more than 40 hours per week and non-traditional hours including night shift, Saturdays and occasionally Sundays.
* Travel and arrive for starting time at various jobsite locations.
* Perform additional assignments per supervisor’s direction.

Knowledge of:
* Heavy trucks.
* Mechanical concepts.

Ability to:
* Learn and follow GOH Company policies and procedures.

* Must have a valid driver’s license for the state in which you reside with acceptable driving record per company minimum standards for drivers.
* Prefer a valid Class B Commercial Driver’s License with tank and hazmat endorsements.
* Must successfully complete PennDOT Flagger Training Course.

* Prefer high school diploma or equivalent.

* Previous paving and heavy truck driving experience preferred.

Physical Requirements:
* Ability to lift up to 50 pounds consistently.
* Ability to work with minimal amount of light on night shift operations.
* Ability to work in field environment with exposure to dust, inclement weather conditions, extreme heat, noise, and a variety of petroleum products.
* Ability to sit for extended periods of time.
* Ability to physically climb on and off equipment safely.
* Ability to wear required personal protective equipment.
* Ability to obtain and maintain a current Medical Examiner's Certificate as stated in 49 CFR 391.43(h).

The specific statements shown in each section of this description are not intended to be all-inclusive. They represent typical elements and criteria considered necessary to perform the job successfully.
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