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Trainee Roller Operator
Title:Trainee Roller Operator
Location :Montoursville (PA)

Job Summary:

Per PENNDOT OJT Manual – Roller Operator (10.03)

This is an affirmative action position to provide on the job training opportunities to minority, female and disadvantaged persons to improve their potential for construction employment.  Responsible to operator heavy rolling machine to compact earth fills, subgrades, and flexible bases to grade specifications.  May use push hand roller, hand tamper, or portable power roller over areas not accessible to road roller.  May fuel, oil, grease, service, and make normal operating adjustments to equipment as necessary.

Performs other related duties as directed by the foreman.


Skills to be learned with the supervision of the supervising foreman:  

* Receive instruction and observe the supervisor/operator start-up and operate controls, and move roller, move levers, depress pedals, turn hand wheels, and push throttle sufficiently to control and guide machine.

*Instruction to determine speed and direction of machine based on knowledge of compressibility of material, production rates, lift requirements, care in rolling from the outside edge, around forms, curbs, etc.

*Instruction to determine crowning the roadway and the number of successive roller passes needed to attain minimum compaction requirement.

*Observe and demonstrate how to operate and maneuver the machine in successive overlapping passes from the outer edge to the center of the surface to be compacted.

*Instruction to safely operate the roller under the direct observation of the supervisor/trainer.

* Demonstrate ability to start and maneuver controls to move roller, move levers, depress pedals, turn hand wheels, and push throttle to control and operate machine.

* Demonstrate ability to determine the speed and direction of machine based on instruction.

* Receive instruction and show ability to clean up, grease, and service roller after each day’s operation.

* Receive additional instruction from foreman, as deemed necessary.


Hiring Considerations: The following guidelines are set forth to insure the safety and well being of a trainee and fellow worker.


* Minimum of 18 years of age.

* The applicant should demonstrate evidence of a reasonable amount of intelligence to handle the technical elements of the job.

* The applicant should show evidence of a reasonable amount of aptitude and interest in the craft.

* The applicant shall have a valid license (i.e., equipment operator, truck driver or highway).

* No applicant shall be accepted as a trainee in any classification in which they have successfully completed a training program leading toward journeyperson status, or in which such person has been gainfully employed as a journeyman by virtue of informal on the job training.

* If an individual or apprentice was enrolled as a 'trainee' and has quit three (3) times, they will no longer be eligible to participate in the program.  This determination can be addressed on a case by case basis.


Physical Requirements:

* Must be in good health or be able to pass a pre job physical, should one be required.


Special Provisions (TSPs) #1999 9999

DESCRIPTION   As part of the project equal employment opportunity affirmative action program, provide on the job training aimed at developing candidates toward full journeymen in the type of trade or job classification.


Construction ‑ subparagraph,c.

* Training and upgrading of minorities and women toward journeyman status is a primary objective of this special provision.

* Documentation of ethnic claim may be necessary to ensure eligibility for PENNDOT OJT Program.

This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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